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Top 8 Qualities that Get Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise Job Tips | Posted by Renee Ruggero
Nov 28 2013
Qualities That Get Cruise Ship Jobs

Qualities That Get Cruise Ship Jobs

Not everyone is cut out to work on cruise ships. Cruise ship life on board presents a unique working and living environment and cruise line recruiters are looking for the best applicants to fill these cruise ship jobs.

What are cruise ship job recruiters looking for in a potential candidate? How can you make your resume stand out and how should you be presenting yourself in an interview? Here are my top 10 qualities that a potential crew member should have.

1. Positive Personality – You have a “can-do” attitude. Smiling is natural and you have an infectious personality. You should also be easily approachable.

2. Energetic – Many cruise ship job descriptions list “Energetic” as a requirement. You need a lot of energy to work 7 days a week for your whole contract.

3. Ability to Problem Solve – Cruise employers want their crew to be able to think on their feet. Are you adaptable to change with the ability to perform calmly under pressure?

4. Team Player – Those that can take direction but also have the ability to manage others make great employees. Present yourself as a diligent worker, but being a leader will get you promoted.

5. Proven Sales Experience – Many cruise ship jobs rely on the ability to sell (gift shop, spa, cruise sales, port & shopping guide, shore excursions, event planner, photographer…). Your resume should highlight your sales accomplishments.

6. Customer Service Driven – The cruise industry is a highly guest focused place to work. Concentrate on how you are able to deal with difficult customers along with how you have positively impacted guest experience.

7. Work Ethic – Do you pride yourself on exceeding the expectations of your employers and customers? Have you had jobs where you have worked more than 60 hours per week? Do you show initiative and perform tasks without being asked? Are you proactive? These are all important examples of work ethic.

8. Communication Skills – How you communicate tells a lot about yourself. Start with having a excellent attention to detail on your resume (written communication). Before an interview, brush up on verbal communication skills such as eye contact, listening and a positive tone in your voice. Overall, you will come off as being a professional candidate for the job.

For more information about getting hired to work on a cruise ship, visit the website, www.workoncruiseships.com.

Cruise Ship Jobs in IT

Cruise Job Tips | Posted by Renee Ruggero
Nov 25 2013
IT Cruise Ship Jobs

IT Cruise Ship Jobs

When you think of cruise ship jobs, jobs in IT and internet services may not first come to mind. But, it’s a fact that cruise ships employ a myriad of computer savvy crew. Whether it’s behind the scenes working on the shipboard computer systems or working as an internet manager or as a computer instructor, there are plenty of cruise ship jobs for applicants with computer skills.

For example, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises employ an information technology team (Assistant Data System Managers) on each of their vessels. This IT Team is responsible for operating and maintaining all aspects of the onboard computer systems, both hardware and software. Team members are required to have a thorough knowledge of network operating systems management, configuration, techniques and topologies.

Additionally, Celebrity Cruises features iLounges aboard their ships. Their Online Managers provide one-on-one assistance as well as training classes on Apple products. These team members have technical expertise and sales knowledge.

Comparatively, Norwegian Cruise Line currently has vacancies for an Assistant Ship Systems Manager. They require applicants to have a minimum of one year experience dealing with IT systems with direct contact with application users, operation experience and systems administration. They also require the potential candidate to have a degree in computer science.

For more information on getting an IT job or an Internet Manager job on a cruise ship, WorkOnCruiseShip.com members can read, How to Get an IT Job on a Cruise Ship.

Five Ways to Improve Your Chances in Getting a Cruise Ship Job

Cruise Job Tips | Posted by Renee Ruggero
Nov 20 2013
Get a Cruise Ship Job

Get a Cruise Ship Job

Whether you are just starting the cruise ship job application process or you are wondering why you aren’t hired yet, here are five tips to improve your chances in landing your dream cruise ship job.

1. Identify a Specific Cruise Ship Job – As mentioned in last week’s bog post, Elements of a Cruise Ship Cover Letter, you must identify the specific position you are applying for. Hiring managers want to know which cruise ship job you think you are most qualified for. They also want you to apply for a specific position that they recruit for – not just a generic cruise job title.

2. Address a Specific Hiring Manager – Your cover letter and any follow up correspondence you send should be addressed to the appropriate hiring manager for the cruise ship job you are applying for. Consider the number of applications they receive daily, if yours is addressed to the right person, yours has a better chance on being read – improving your chances of landing an interview.

3. Identify Key Requirements of the Cruise Ship Job – Each cruise ship job requires specific qualifications, work experience and skills. Make sure your cover letter and resume supports the requirements of what the hiring manager is looking for in a potential candidate.

4. Work with an Authorized Hiring Partner – Most of the major cruise lines work with specific hiring partners that are listed on their employment pages of their websites. These agencies screen potential applicants for the cruise lines. Steer clear of agencies that are not authorized by a specific cruise line

5. Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up – Following up at each stage of the application and hiring process will definitely improve your chances of getting hired to work on a cruise ship. If you are not persistent, you will most likely wait longer than necessary before getting a call for an interview. Or, you may not get contacted at all.

For more information about getting hired to work on cruise ships, visit www.WorkOnCruiseShips.com.

Most Important Elements of a Cruise Ship Job Cover Letter

Cruise Jobs Resumes and Cover Letters | Posted by Renee Ruggero
Nov 10 2013

Cruise Ship Job Cover Letters

Cruise Ship Job Cover Letters

The cover letter is one of the most vital tools in landing your dream cruise ship job. It’s the letter that introduces your resume and can be the deciding factor if your resume even gets read by a hiring manager. Here are two essential elements to get your cover letter noticed.

Apart from highlighting all of your qualifications and skills, if your cover letter doesn’t pique immediate interest, your chances of getting hired to work on a cruise ship are slim.

For starters your cover letter must clearly define the cruise ship job you are applying for. Don’t just write the generic title of the position either. Make sure you use the specific title of the job. This will show to the recruiter that you aren’t just sending out a slew of the same resume to each cruise line.

For example, the front desk position on a cruise ship is referred to by a variety of titles, depending on the cruise line.  Royal Caribbean calls the position Guest Services Officer, Princess Cruises uses the term Junior Assistant Purser, and Norwegian Cruise Line uses the title Guest Services Associate.

Another equally significant element of your cover letter is that you must address and send your cover letter to the appropriate person in charge of hiring for the position you are interested in. Although this can be time consuming, it is worth the effort to do your homework and find the name of the recruiter.

For more information about getting hired to work on a cruise ship, visit www.WorkOnCruiseShips.com. Members can also read the following articles:

Top 10 Cover Letter Mistakes 

How to Get the Name of a Cruise Line Recruiter

Tips to Wow the Hiring Manager 

Resume and Cover Letter Keywords that Get Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise Job Tips, Cruise Jobs Resumes and Cover Letters | Posted by Renee Ruggero
Nov 03 2013
Cruise Ship Job Resume

Cruise Ship Job Resume

Understanding cruise line specific keywords and keywords relevant to cruise ship jobs will attract the attention of cruise industry recruiters. Every cruise line and cruise ship job has a different set of keywords that will help you get noticed.

How do you know which keywords to use in your resume and cover when applying for cruise ship jobs? Which keywords should you inject in your interviews to work on a cruise ship? To understand which keywords you should incorporate into your resume, cover letter, and interview, you need to do your homework.

Start by getting to know everything about the cruise line you are applying to, including their guest service mottos, credos, marketing strategies, and fleet information. Studying the job description, qualifications, and requirements of the cruise job you are applying for will also uncover specific keywords that you should use in your applications.

Examples of keywords are “sales driven”, “cash handling experience”, “enthusiastic”, or “college degree”. Consider that keywords are relevant and important for different cruise ship jobs as resumes are quickly scanned by human or data base for necessary experience and qualifications.

Additionally, using cruise line specific keywords and phrases such as “Deliver the Wow” (Royal Caribbean), “Fun Ship” (Carnival Cruise Lines), or “Consummate Host (Princess Cruises) will make your cover letter stand out, highlighting that your cover letter is only intended for one cruise line. Also pay attention to the specific title of the cruise ship job you are applying for, as this is perhaps one of the most important keywords.

For more information about getting hired to work on a cruise ship, visit www.WorkOnCruiseShips.com.

Members can also read the following articles:

Match your Skills to a Cruise Job
Guidelines for Online Applications
Cruise Lines’ Guest Service Promises

How to Get a C1D Visa for Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise Job Tips | Posted by Renee Ruggero
Oct 27 2013
C1D Visa for Cruise Ship Job

C1D Visa for Cruise Ship Job

To work on a cruise ship with a major cruise line, a crew member must obtain a United States issued C1D Visa. Keep in mind that you do not need to apply for this visa until you have a cruise ship job offer with a cruise line. Additionally, applicants need to be aware of recruitment scams that offer to “help” you get this visa.

The C1/D Visa is actually two visas rolled into one (crew member visa and transit visa). It is a non-immigrant visa issued by the United States that allow crew working on cruise ships to join a ship that travels in US waters. It is also for crew members that need to fly (transit) through a US city in order to join a ship in another country.

The C1D Visa can be obtained from any US embassy in the world, once you have a firm job offer from a cruise line. The cruise line will send you an employment letter that you will use when completing the application as well as when you go for your visa interview with the embassy.

For starters, visit the US Embassy website (www.usembassy.gov) to see where the closest embassy is in your country of residence. Each embassy has specific application instructions, waiting times and fee structures. Carefully complete the online application and schedule your visa appointment.

Although you will be required to pay the US Embassy for the visa, don’t fall for recruitment scams that ask you to pay a third party in advance for a visa.

For more information on getting ready to work on a cruise ship, visit www.WorkOnCruiseShips.com. Members can read the following resources.

What You Need to Know about C1D Visas
Cruise Ship Recruitment Scams

Work on a Cruise Ship for Christmas

Cruise Job Tips | Posted by Renee Ruggero
Oct 21 2013
Cruise Ship Jobs at Xmas

Cruise Ship Jobs at Xmas

Although we are two months away from Christmas, this is the ideal time to get hired to work on a cruise ship for the holidays. Cruise lines are currently thinking about their crewing needs for the Christmas holiday season, particularly for cruise ship jobs such as Youth Staff.

Recruiting occurs throughout the year in the cruise industry, due to a turnover of existing crew and the launching of new cruise ships. Additionally, during the school holidays cruise ships sail with an increased number of families on board. This equates to a need for more crew onboard.

Most of the major cruise lines have children and teen programs that expand during the Christmas and summer holidays. Ships increase the number of youth staff to accommodate for the hundreds of kids on board. Norwegian Cruise Line states that their large ships carry over 5,000 guests including over 1,500 children in high season.

Norwegian Cruise Line is currently advertising on their employment pages that they are recruiting Seasonal Youth Counselors to work on cruise ships. They encourage applicants to attach their resume in an email along with a cover letter to shipboardresumes@ncl.com with position of interest in the subject line to be considered for a personal or webcam interview.

Princess Cruises is also recruiting Youth Staff for Xmas. Their recruiting partner, Page Marine Crews, in Canada will be hiring successful applicants for two to four week assignments in December/January. Additionally, Carnival Cruise Lines’ recruiting partner, Cast-A-Way Cruise and Resort Hiring Agency, has stated on their Facebook pages that they are looking for plenty of Camp Carnival Staff in 2014.

For more information on cruise ship jobs, visit www.WorkOnCruiseShips.com.

New Cruise Ship Jobs for 2014

General | Posted by Renee Ruggero
Oct 15 2013
Cruise Ship Jobs 2014

Cruise Ship Jobs 2014

More 30 cruise ships are set to debut for 2014, with a huge percentage of those vessels built for river cruising. The ocean-going cruise ships launching in 2014 will require over 6,000 new cruise ship jobs. This is great news for those looking to get hired to work on a cruise ship.

The first cruise ship to launch in 2014 will be the Norwegian Getaway. This is Norwegian Cruise Line’s second of four similar class ships to be launched over a four year period. They previously welcomed Norwegian Breakaway back in April 2013. The Norwegian Getaway will be a 163,000 ton cruise ship carrying 4,200 passengers and close to 1,600 crew.

Additionally, Princess Cruises, Costa Cruises, TUI Cruises and Royal Caribbean International will have their own large ship to debut in 2014. Now is the perfect time to apply for a cruise ship job, as hiring managers begin to fill the required positions.

Although the big cruise lines have the bulk of the cruise ship jobs coming available, the river cruise industry will also be looking to fill over 1,500 new positions in 2014. Here is a breakdown of some of the cruise ships to be launched in 2014.

Norwegian Getaway (Norwegian Cruise Line)
Regal Princess (Princess Cruises)
Costa Diadema (Costa Cruises)
Mein Schiff 3 (TUI Cruises)
Quantum of the Seas (Royal Caribbean)

River Cruise Ships:
AMA Waterways – 2 ships to be launched in 2014
Avalon Waterways – 3 ships to be launched in 2014
Emerald Waterways – 2 ships to be launched in 2014
Tauck River Cruising – 2 ships to be launched in 2014
Viking River Cruises – 14 ships to be launched in 2014

For more information on how to apply for a cruise ship job, visit WorkonCruiseShips.com.

Cruise Ship Jobs in the Medical Department

Cruise Job Tips | Posted by Renee Ruggero
Oct 02 2013
Cruise Ship Jobs in the Medical Department

Cruise Ship Jobs in the Medical Department

Working on a cruise ship as a Doctor or Nurse is a great way to get paid to travel using your professional experience and skills. All the major cruise ships have a medical department on board with the larger vessels carrying a staff of couple doctors and several nurses. Here’s what you need to know about getting a cruise ship job as a doctor or nurse.

The medical department on a cruise ship handles everything from minor illness to major trauma, serving as a general practitioner’s office, intensive care unit, health laboratory and pharmacy. The doctors and nurses that work onboard meet or exceed the requirements of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ASEP).

The ASEP’s website lists the Health Care Guidelines for Cruise Ship Medical Facilities. It points out that the “specific medical needs of a cruise ship are dependent on variables such as: ship size, itinerary, anticipated patient mix, anticipated number of patients’ visits, etc.”

The ACEP’s guidelines for staff include the following:

• Physicians and nurses hold current full registration and valid licensure
• Medical staff must have three years of post-graduate experience in general or emergency medicine or board certification in Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine or Internal Medicine
• All medical staff must be certified in advanced life support such as ACLS, ALS or an equivalent
• All medical staff must have ha competent skill level in Emergency Cardiovascular Care

Each cruise line has its own application process to apply for a medical job on a cruise ship. Many of the cruise lines give instructions on their employment pages. For more information about cruise ship jobs or getting hired to work on a cruise ship, visit www.workoncruiseships.com

WorkOnCruiseShips.com members can read the following articles:

Overview of Cruise Ship Medical Jobs
Interview with a Cruise Ship Nurse

Royal Caribbean Warns Cruise Ship Job Applicants

Cruise Job Tips | Posted by Renee Ruggero
Sep 30 2013
Cruise Ship Job Scams

Cruise Ship Job Scams

Last month I briefly discussed how cruise ship job applicants need to be aware of the cruise employment scams that are prevalent in the cruise industry. Recently, Royal Caribbean updated their employment website, www.royalcareersatsea.com, to include a Phishing Disclaimer.

They state on their website,

“RCCL has recently become aware of an increase in scam emails, referred to as “phishing” emails. Phishing is a form of online identity theft….the email or linked website may look authentic…our (RCCL) employment application will require you to complete an online application and to attach a resume.”

Royal Caribbean continues by saying that they never ask applicants for bank account or credit card information. This is standard throughout the cruise industry’s recruiting process. The major cruise lines work with authorized hiring partners that can be found on each cruise line’s website. Only apply through the cruise line or through an authorized cruise ship job recruiter.

Be careful of websites or agencies that claim to work with the cruise lines. For example, Royal Caribbean warns applicants on their employment website about the hundreds of scam companies and scam artists. A couple of these scams include allcruisejobs.com and cruisejob1.com. Be aware when sending your personal information through an online application or when registering your profile.

For more information about how to get a cruise ship job, visit www.WorkOnCruiseShips.com.