The Most Unusual Cruise Jobs

Posted by Renee Ruggero
Jan 10 2012

When many people think of working on cruise ships, they automatically think of jobs such as housekeeping, waiters, cooks, guest services, gift shop associates, and entertainers. Then there’s the people who have started their hunt for a cruise job and realize there are also jobs such as cruise staff, hair stylists, photographers, cruise sales managers, art auctioneers, and port and shopping guides.

Now let’s broaden the job field even more with some jobs that you wouldn’t expect to find onboard a ship. Not that these jobs would be considered unusual in the land-based world of employment, but the fact that you can find these types of jobs on cruise ships is good to know.

Here are some of those unique jobs:

Dive Instructor – A few cruise lines teach a PADI certified dive course and therefore employ dive instructors.

Recreation Staff – Royal Caribbean recruits staff to manage their outdoor facilities which include climbing walls and surfing simulators.

Lifeguards – Disney Cruise Line is one of the only cruise lines that has lifeguard positions.

Desktop Publisher – Most cruise ships put out a daily activities newspaper for their passengers as well as print other literature such as menus. For example, Crystal Cruises has a position called an Editor.

Party Planner & Event Managers – Consider that many cruise lines offer onboard weddings, meetings and parties for special event groups. Holland America Line hires party planners and Royal Caribbean recruits for Group Coordinators.

Personal Trainers – Part of the spa department, personal trainers are hired to teach fitness classes.

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